Ceramic is a decentralised, open-source platform for creating, hosting and sharing data streams
To create a project with an open identity and data based on Ceramic for use in the NFT.
A challenge for those who want to push the boundaries and do more than just a project in DeFi or NFT and create a more dynamic and innovative project. Ceramic's independent data network makes it easy to add open identity and dynamic data to the application. This allows you to go beyond the use of smart contracts and static file storage with a complete replacement of the server side.
Dynamic NFT experiences with DID:NFT
NFT coin release and marketplace that uses DID:NFT and Ceramic streams for dynamic content. Variable for MFT
The built-in Ceramic mobile support makes the integration of Zerion + Ceramic/IDX smoother.
Project ideas:
Projects that will use Ceramic and IDX to add aggregated identity and reputation, social features and content or store user data in applications.
Evaluation criteria in the final:
Originality and unconventionality of the solution
Quality of integration, technical implementation
Product usefulness
1st place
$ 4 000
$ 2 000
2nd place
$ 1 000
3rd place
Special prize from bitscale capital
$1 500
Mentors and juries:
Sergey Ukustov
Protocol Engineer;Mentor + Jury
Joel Thorstensson
Spencer T Brody
Protocol Engineer;Mentor + Jury
Mohsin Zaidi
Protocol Engineer;Mentor + Jury
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