Chatex is a Telegram-based crypto-bank that is used by over 330 000 people. We aim to provide global cryptocurrency users with a convenient and reliable way to manage their money and access DeFi features.

Using Chatex, anyone can buy, sell, transfer and invest cryptocurrency via messenger in a simple, affordable and secure way. Chatex is evolving and will connect CeFi and DeFi in the future to give users easy access to DeFi’s full suite for savings, loans, credit and instant asset management solutions.
Develop an application (bot) for Discord using the Chatex API
Challenge conditions:

The use of cryptocurrencies.

A user's financial actions.

The task can also be solved in any other programming language.
Preferred programming language: GoLang.
1st place
$ 3 000
$ 2 000
2nd place
$ 1 000
3rd place
Apps examples:

PayWall: access to author content in conjunction with payment via the Chatex bot.
Buying and selling of game items
Sale of digital artworks (music, movies, texts, promo codes; other 'creative' items), including any available types of digital content, including NFT.
Player sponsorship: donations, transferring money from the audience to players, streamers and player team.
Financial organisation of gaming tournaments
Content types:
NFT cards
Promo codes
Game assets
Music and cinema
Resources may to help:
Chat bot Chatex Telegram: @chatex_bot
Video guide
The perfect team for the challenge:
Criteria for team selection:
Backend - developer(s)
Product Manager
Description of the idea with which the team goes to the hackathon
Availability of the team to implement the project with a description of the experience of the participants
Evaluation criteria in the hackathon finals:
Workability of the prototype
Final pitch
Usability (including execution variability, fault tolerance, clear logic)
Resources for solving the problem:
Resources for solving the problem:
Brief from mentors.
Space in GitHub for requests, suggestions and comments on the platform (links to depositories).
A Discord and Telegram chat room to communicate with mentors and Chatex developers.
Mentors and juries:
Leonid Bugaev
VP Communications, вице-президент по коммуникациям Chatex
Pavel Shapovalov
COO, CTO Chatex
Sergey Larionov
Head of Dev, Chatex
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