Mercuryo is an international company that creates a new generation of financial services. We combine fiat and cryptocurrencies for millions of users to make transfers and payments easier and faster. It’s magic, and Mercuryo knows how every detail of it works.

We know how to turn magic into affordability because we focus on a certain segment — the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday payments. Over the years, we have become deeply immersed in the subject, gaining specialist knowledge and experience that few others in the world have managed to accumulate.
Integration with NFT-marketplace. Writing a minimal trading bot using the Golang
Challenge conditions:

Use of cryptocurrencies

Realise interaction with Rarible or OpenSea NFT marketplaces

Track their price, and shop an asset depending on the specified transaction conditions
Resources may to help:
Rarible Marketplace documentation
Mentor’s brief
OpenSea Marketplace documentation
Go client for Ethereum blockchain
Go client for the OpenSea Marketplace
1st place
$ 3 000
$ 2 000
2nd place
$ 1 000
3rd place
Evaluation criteria in the final hackathon:

A working prototype

Selected instruments

Whether the transactions are correctly executed according to the given conditions
The perfect team for the challenge:

Golang knowledge for developers

Understanding of interactions with blockchain, IPFS and marketplaces
Knowledge of how the exchange transaction process works (buy, sell, order matching)
Mentors and juries:
Evgeny Khomyakov
Chief Software Architect, Mercuryo
Alexander Grafov
GO Tech Lead, Mercuryo
Alexey Kotelnikov
Go Developer, Mercuryo
Anton Paraskiv
Go Developer, Mercuryo
Dmitry Demin
Go Developer, Mercuryo
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