Rarible is the #1 decentralised NFT marketplace in the world with trading volume of over $40 million in the last month and x10 growth in the last quarter.
Develop a prototype application based on the Rarible Protocol
A web or mobile application using part or all of the Rarible Protocol functionality needs to be created. It includes: Smart Contract to create NFTs (Issuance), Smart Contract to exchange NFTs for ERC20 tokens, API to search and display NFT tokens.
If you have trouble coming up with an idea - you can use this list
The choice of project idea is left to the participants of the hackathon, we encourage any experimentation. Application for simple NFT creation / Marketplace for some vertical (AR NFT, 3D NFT, Charity NFT) / Unique showcase that selects NFT for sale according to specific criteria - the sky is the limit.
Resources may to help:
Rarible.org - is a collection of all the resources on the Rarible Protocol. The most interesting links are API Reference and Tutorials - here you can find the full API reference of the protocol, as well as links to Rinkeby versions of our contracts.
Mentor’s brief
Demo-code for generating an order and lazy mint item
Criteria for selection to the final:
Description of the idea and further business development plan

The evaluation criteria in the final:


Completeness of implementation (closeness to running on real users)
Degree of use of the Rarible Protocol

Product development (end-user friendliness)

Working prototype that can be interacted with
Final pitch
Project architecture

1st place
$ 3 000
$ 2 000
2nd place
$ 1 000
3rd place
Special prize from bitscale capital
$1 500
Mentors and juries:
Alexander Salnikov
Head of Product Rarible

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